Victoria Interior Design – Royalty speaks

Many believe that Victoria interior design is not just challenging, but also quite pricey for one to afford while refurnishing one’s home or office. But in reality, this is not s as you can easily create a ‘Victorian’ look in your interiors by keeping to few basic principles, even if you have a constrained budget! Is it hard to believe? Take a few minutes to go through this edition and then ask yourself is it really tough or not!

victoria interior design
victoria design – living area

A Victoria interior design can be easily created by using loads of profligate fabrics, wall coverings and draperies, but this does not imply that you need to spend also loads. You can get this same feel by using things lying in your house uselessly. This hence is not just a constructive way of using resources, but also an ideal way for refurbishing your homes. In case you are not much aware of these Victoria interior design ideas, then it would be best to do some research on the same. Looking into some pictures that are available online can get to a fair amount of idea on the same. If you like any designs, then you can duplicate the same, or use the essence and create your designs. On the other hand, if you have decided to get it done by a professional, then you need to break your head looking for ideas pertaining to Victoria interior design.

victoria interior design - living hall
victoria interior design – living hall

Today you find Victoria interior design ideas have become quite prevalent among the interior designers. If you too have decided to refurnish your house using these Victoria interior design ideas, then go ahead as here you are sure to discover few interesting facts pertaining to the same. Victoria design has become quite popular in the European cities as well as in Asian lifestyle.

There are few basic things which needs to be incorporated while you are trying to create that Victoria interior design look like :

  • The use of dark rich shades is very essential and forms the fundamental element in creating a Victoria interior look. Though dark shades were used on walls, all the four were not painted with the same color.
  • The presence of a fireplace was almost mandatory like a kitchen in the room. These fireplaces where generally colored with light colors and were mostly polished. The brackets used in them had curved shapes with the predominant use of white marble.
  • Another important aspect which is very significant to bring in the Victoria interior design is to incorporate stained glass for windows panes. Though these are expensive when ordered, you can get your panes stained using glass colors as well!
  • The introduction of wall papers had been an important aspect and got heavily popularized during the Victorian age, though the same was present in Roman era as well. Every class of individuals sued it for decorating their walls.
  • The pattern used in the interiors are quite complex in nature covering the walls and ceilings. Comfy fabrics ad oriental rugs with a great love for lavish spending. For a contemporary eye, these interiors might seem messy or too much cluttered, but for an individual who loved the Victorian interiors, this is cozy and homely.
  • Magnificence is whatever is done is another prime aspect which is seen in these Victoria interior design ideas. The upper class used their wealth lavishly in decorating every nook and corner of their homes with rich fabrics, plush draperies, wonderful wall papers, etc.
  • Floorings were mostly made of hard wood and were kept highly polished which were covered with plush carpets during extreme winters.
  • Romanticism is another significant aspect captured in these Victoria interior design ideas. This is one of the major reasons where its popularity resides. Still today, a Victorian style arouses in one’s minds those imaginary European –fairy tales that lies as good fond memories in all our hearts. Those plush draperies which wait to be touched, those awesomely carved furnishings, striking trimmings along with those Victorian customs and rubrics of decorum makes one lost in a different world all together.
Victoria Interior Design - dining hall
Victoria Interior Design – Dining Hall

The interiors used in the Victorian age were truly unique in nature and getting your home redesigned in the same fashion would be like bringing in royalty to your home. So when is your home getting that royal tough folks? Just contact us if you need any help on your design.

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