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Ni Design Studio Design Ideas Edition – Scandinavian Interior Design

We all know how important the interior decor is influenced by the geographical as well as the historical, cultural and weather conditions. The same holds true for Scandinavia as well. For all those individuals who find it really difficult managing with the interior designers and want to give a personal touch to your home, this edition on Scandinavian interior design would guide you on the same. So, are you all set to give a new ambient to your home sweet home? So get set go!

Scandinavian Interior Design

Sneak Peek on Scandinavian Interior Design History

Before we move ahead with the Scandinavian interior design, let’s have a brief sneak peek on the place called Scandinavia. Scandinavia lies in the northern regions of Europe which consists of countries like Denmark, Norway, Faroe Islands, Finland, Iceland and Sweden. Scandinavian interior design is mostly based on the contemporary styles along with a tinge of casual manifestation. Generally it has been seen that homes which are designed on the basis of Scandinavian interior design, have very simple and modest designs giving more importance to lighter shades. The other primary feature which is kept in view while going for the Scandinavian interior design is the maximum usage of natural light.  So if you want to decorate your home or office basing the theme on Scandinavian interior design, then you need to emphasize upon few basic colors, furnishings as well as fabrics to give your home (or your office) that contemporary and glossy look of that perfect Scandinavian interior design.

There are few basic criteria’s which essentially needs to be adhered to when you decide to embark upon the Scandinavian interior design.  Though this list is not exhaustive and can be extended on your creativity, some of the basics ones are the colors, the furniture chosen, the fabrics used, the floorings, as well as the accents to name a few.  Let’s brief a little on these to aid you in having the perfect contemporary Scandinavian interior design.  So are you ready folks?

To start off with, the colors which are used in Scandinavian interior design are mostly neutral having the shades of pale colors like whites, lighters shades of blues, beiges, etc. Some also prefer the light green shades bringing nature to your home (or office). Few even prefer wood finishes which gives a better natural look and are lighter in weight. In some cases it has been seen that Scandinavian interior design also embark upon bolder shades of red for a dramatic finish.  Next we move to second segment which is the furniture. Scandinavian interior design focuses on modest and light stained woods which are natural in texture and finish.  In case the furniture which is made is painted, then light shades of white or pale yellow are preferred. Scandinavian interior design emphasizes on minimal usage of upholstery as well as cushions. It has also been seen that Scandinavian interior design has low frame bed with not much of ornamentation either on the head or the footboard.

Scandinavian Interior Design

Coming to the fabrics section, the most preferred colors used in Scandinavian interior design are of the natural light shades with floral patterns or strips. While deciding upon the Scandinavian interior design for the floorings, it has been seen that light shades or bleach ones with hardwood floors are preferred. Some also opt for white floors having stencil decorations. As far as accents are concerned, it has been seen that Scandinavian interior design requires no exaggerate ornamentation or accent pieces. Modest stuffs like simple designed table lamps, glass items with a clean finish, light weight cast iron fixtures floral patterns for window –screens or be it for the dividers. All these add to the class of the wonderful Scandinavian interior design.

Scandinavian Interior Design

Few things to note while opting for Scandinavian interior design are:

  • ++ Usages of candles especially in winters.
  • ++ The concept of light is used very thoughtfully as Scandinavia is a region which is covered in darkness for most of the time in a year hence a great importance is given in using sunlight as well as fresh air while refurbishing your home on the basis of Scandinavian interior design.
  • ++ Less usage of curtains and if used are of light or pale shades.
  • ++ Usage of wool designs as Scandinavians are known for their renowned designs for wool used in wearable or in non-wearable form.
  • ++ Images of nature are incorporated while one embarks upon Scandinavian interior design.

We hope you enjoy the article, if you have any further inquiries on Scandinavian Interior Design, feel free to contact us here and we will get back to you soon.

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Intend to create your own personal Home Office Interior Design Work Space?

Home Office Interior Design – A Personal Work Space

A home office can be a personal space used for the day-to-day running of your home and a place for your computer. It can also be a base of operations for a business if you telecommuting. Whatever the purpose of this space, this is where your creativity lives, breathes, and produces your lively hood. Creating a home office environment that you love can help you want to be in your home office more often.

Here are some tips to help you create your own home office interior design ideas.

The first step is to consider factors such as location and hardware as well as lifestyle, autonomy, flexibility and also freedom. You need to ensure that your home office interior design helps to create the right atmosphere that in turn ensures that you are more productive and which also promotes creativity and relaxation and which of course, must also reflect a balanced view in life.

Home Office Interior Design Factor – Colors


Home Office Interior Design

Calming Colors will be a better choice for Home Office Design.

After considering factors mention above, the second step will be selection of a color scheme for the room. This decision will be based largely on the colors that motivate and inspire you. For some, that means calming colors like blues and greens while others prefer working in a stimulating environment filled with reds and oranges. Neutrals are another good choice, because the palette is versatile enough to house a sleek contemporary style as comfortably as it does a log home interior design.

However it’s important to note that you should use muted colors for the home office interior design. This is because colors which are too loud or too vibrant may distract from the work to be done. Calm and soothing colors such as blue or light green may also provide color without making the space feel smaller than it actually is.

Home Office Interior Design Factor – Picking the Right Furniture

You need to use all the tips that you can find in regard to picking the right kind of home office computer furniture as well as desks that in turn will ensure the best in ergonomically designed comfort – creating the right atmosphere that in turn ensures that you are more productive and which also promotes creativity and relaxation and which of course, must also reflect a balanced view in life.

Right Home Office Interior Design = Productivity and Performance


Home Office Interior Design

Modern Home Office Design


A lot of us would love the luxury of working from home. Those of you who have it would know what it means: the flexible hours, the freedom, and a comfortable space to work from. The space in your home that you work from and the way it is designed plays a very important role in your productivity and performance. Even if you are a minimalist and would like to make your peace with your little requirements, your office still needs to inspire you to do well.

If you need any help on home office interior design, do contact us and we will get back to you soon.

Home Office Interior Design