Proposal Concept for Leisure Farm Bungalow Compartment at Johor Bahru

After launching not long ago, we were approached by an old couple to wish to redesign their new bungalow at Leisure Farm which is at Johor Bahru. During the initial stage, we have a lot of discussion and site visits to understand how we can interact the house together with environment (Surround by nice green scenery) to further enhance the ‘luxury’ theme that they desire.

As the bungalow are well stationed on the surrounding. We start to focus on spaces that need to be appreciate where experiencing the beauty of individual piece that bring forward ones’ eyes and blending into the nature gradually. We personally feel that this is the luxury that the couple desired where they are out of connection from the high-tech area – City lifestyle (Hectic workload, race against time to complete a job, etc). We want to design a space where they will truly feel and appreciate the natural that Singapore is lacking of. Thanks to the environment and the well-placed bungalow, we are able to propose this concept to our clients.

Even though we didn’t get the job, it’s a learning experience that we can build on our portfolio. If you are keen to know more about the concept and space layout, we have attached the initial floor plans and a set of eight presentation slide (Compiled) for your review.

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