Industrial Interior Design – See how the corporate world drapes itself

If you are looking for industrial interior design, which is recycled as well as one which has hefty mannish finishes, then you have come to the right place folks. Many might have heard of decorating their homes or refurbishing them with modern or contemporary styles based on country themes, chic styles, ancient styles, oriental, Victorian, etc, but few might have thought of going for the in trend industrial interior design. It is one kind of an interior design which is gradually getting a strong foothold in the markets of interior designing.

industrial interior design
Industrial in-trend design

Industrial interior design is seen generally in high lofts and in various kinds of living areas which had been used for industrial purposes as well. Today in this edition we would tell all your readers on how you can successfully achieve an industrial interior design within the budget constraints you have in hand. When described in a crux, industrial interior design is all about surfaces which are rough, uneven having unfinished looks. It is mostly concerned as well as related to industry in almost all its aspects look wise. An individual who has incorporated an industrial interior design would get to see his or her home decorated or designed to look like a factory. Seems weird, but many love to go for varied looks and keep experimenting with various kinds of interiors to see which looks ideal in their homes.

industrial interior design
industrial look – Toliet Area

Few things to note while you work upon industrial interior design:

  • The design or the interiors needs to look uneven and have a rough finish.
  • Have the walls get a word down look finish.
  • Not just unpainted walls, but even accessories needs to be set as per industrial interior design theme else the whole set up might look absurd clashing with each other.
  • Opt for steel or iron furniture if you are looking to create a contemporary industrial interior design.
  • Adding some kind of iron, steel or metal furniture would accentuate the industrial interior design.
  • The beams of ceilings as well as pillars need also to have an unfinished looks which would enhance the industrial interior design which has been incorporated in the home.
  • Using some kind of accessory which is related to industries or factories would enhance the look which has been created.
  • Old worn out things, equipment’s, etc can be ideal things to be kept as show piece items when you are trying to give your room an industrial feel. Stuffs like old items, worn out things, useless metallic junk, vaults, etc can be ideal options foe recreating that industrial effect in your rooms.
  • The best part of the industrial interior design is the fact that one can easily attain the same within the given budget, as these are highly cost effective in nature.
  • Getting a combination of worn out and brick walls is the best finish you can give to your room to provide that ideal industrial interior design.
  • Wood is also an ideal option to resort to while you are refurbishing your home to give it an industrial look as it adds to the warmth of the place enhancing the industrial decor which one had been aiming for. Furthermore, wood also aids in softening the roughness which has been created by the presence of metals and other rough and uneven surfaces
    industrial interior theme
    Toilet design 2

As most of this industrial design comes cheap, hence any one can opt for the same but very few have the guts to experiment with such weird tastes. We all love soothing environment, cozy and beautiful, but who among us are there who belong to that rough and tough party? If you are then it is the ideal interior for you folks, so give it a go! Contact us for more information – with no obligation.

Contemporary Japanese Interior Design – See them live in style

Who does not love to live in interiors designed elegantly? A well-furnished house is something which one loves to dwell in. It gives a cozy feel not just to those who live in it, but also to those who come or visit it. Japanese, have always been known for leading their lifestyle in a unique way. Their living standards have attracted many interior designers to adopt many of their interior decoration and furnishing ideas.

contemporary japanese interior design

Living Area

It said that a human being is a product of the environment. Very true indeed, and after a long tiring day when you come back home, to relax and unwind oneself, a cozy environment is all that one expects. That’s exactly what you find when you enter a home which has been designed on the basis of contemporary Japanese interior design ideas. The interiors used for a place needs to go with the use to which it is being out into. For, e.g. if it is a bedroom, the same should be designed with soothing colors. On the other hand a discotheque should have bright colors, interchanging the same would be absurd!

contemporary japanese interior design

Japanese Modern Interior Living Room

Japanese have always been keen in keeping to a particular lifestyle irrespective of the varied changes which the world has seen in interiors and furnishings. Japanese interior designs are based upon the simplistic concepts which are relaxing and soothing to an individual’s mind and body. They generally base their interior designs ideas on the concept of ‘ma’ which implies the distance or the space lying between the two objects which forms the essential criteria of ancient as well as contemporary Japanese interior design.

The concept of ‘Ma’ is defined as the realization which communicates a kind of sensation upon the person who enters the room. This is quite simple to learn and implement. Say for example if you need to place a sofa or a bed in a room, you would need to focus on the space which would surround the item for creating the right ambience. This technique is quite useful in the ‘Zen’ design where one brings together simplicity and know-how fact to face. The interior designers tend to base their designs targeting simplicity and used mostly natural materials like rattan, bamboo and wood in most of the designs. Dark wood is quite a popular usage with the use of wood is high as it generates cleaner lines and better shapes. Moreover the use of furniture is minimized in Japanese interiors.

The ‘Zen-like’ concept that is used in the interiors has become quite popular in the eastern regions of the world with a high demand for modern contemporary Japanese interior.  Many countries have also incorporated these Japanese and Zen designs in their lifestyle as well.  Defining ancient or modern Japanese is really tough as it encompasses both traditional as well as contemporary aspects. It brings together varied kinds of styles as well as designs which are really tough to define but there are few basic principles on which these interiors are based like:

  • There is a great importance given to privacy hence all the interiors are designed incorporating the same, whether in home or offices, like using paper screen ( known as shoji) which not only allows light to enter but also gives privacy to the person.
  • Whether ancient or modern Japanese, there is a great importance given to simplicity as well as space. Things are never cluttered around.
  • The resources available are used efficiently where the rooms made are multi-functional in nature utilizing space to the maximum. Like using folding beds, walls with shoji screens (which can be folded to join the rooms in day), etc
  • Traditionalist features still remains in all kinds of modern Japanese interior design like the use of Fusama (Sliding panels made of wood, cloth or paper), Shoji (wooden frame screen with translucent panes of paper), Tatami (Rice straw floors), Tokonoma (a kind of alcove used mainly in living rooms), etc.
  • There is a great preference given to usage of natural materials like wood, bamboo, silk, rice straw, paper, etc.
  • Usage of passive colors and diffused light is another important aspect in modern Japanese interior design.

To know more about modern contemporary Japanese interior design ideas, or to get some quotes for getting your office or home designed, contact us for more information – with no obligation.

Scandinavian interior design – Know more about the world of Interior Design in Scandinavia

Ni Design Studio Design Ideas Edition – Scandinavian Interior Design

We all know how important the interior decor is influenced by the geographical as well as the historical, cultural and weather conditions. The same holds true for Scandinavia as well. For all those individuals who find it really difficult managing with the interior designers and want to give a personal touch to your home, this edition on Scandinavian interior design would guide you on the same. So, are you all set to give a new ambient to your home sweet home? So get set go!

Scandinavian Interior Design

Sneak Peek on Scandinavian Interior Design History

Before we move ahead with the Scandinavian interior design, let’s have a brief sneak peek on the place called Scandinavia. Scandinavia lies in the northern regions of Europe which consists of countries like Denmark, Norway, Faroe Islands, Finland, Iceland and Sweden. Scandinavian interior design is mostly based on the contemporary styles along with a tinge of casual manifestation. Generally it has been seen that homes which are designed on the basis of Scandinavian interior design, have very simple and modest designs giving more importance to lighter shades. The other primary feature which is kept in view while going for the Scandinavian interior design is the maximum usage of natural light.  So if you want to decorate your home or office basing the theme on Scandinavian interior design, then you need to emphasize upon few basic colors, furnishings as well as fabrics to give your home (or your office) that contemporary and glossy look of that perfect Scandinavian interior design.

There are few basic criteria’s which essentially needs to be adhered to when you decide to embark upon the Scandinavian interior design.  Though this list is not exhaustive and can be extended on your creativity, some of the basics ones are the colors, the furniture chosen, the fabrics used, the floorings, as well as the accents to name a few.  Let’s brief a little on these to aid you in having the perfect contemporary Scandinavian interior design.  So are you ready folks?

To start off with, the colors which are used in Scandinavian interior design are mostly neutral having the shades of pale colors like whites, lighters shades of blues, beiges, etc. Some also prefer the light green shades bringing nature to your home (or office). Few even prefer wood finishes which gives a better natural look and are lighter in weight. In some cases it has been seen that Scandinavian interior design also embark upon bolder shades of red for a dramatic finish.  Next we move to second segment which is the furniture. Scandinavian interior design focuses on modest and light stained woods which are natural in texture and finish.  In case the furniture which is made is painted, then light shades of white or pale yellow are preferred. Scandinavian interior design emphasizes on minimal usage of upholstery as well as cushions. It has also been seen that Scandinavian interior design has low frame bed with not much of ornamentation either on the head or the footboard.

Scandinavian Interior Design

Coming to the fabrics section, the most preferred colors used in Scandinavian interior design are of the natural light shades with floral patterns or strips. While deciding upon the Scandinavian interior design for the floorings, it has been seen that light shades or bleach ones with hardwood floors are preferred. Some also opt for white floors having stencil decorations. As far as accents are concerned, it has been seen that Scandinavian interior design requires no exaggerate ornamentation or accent pieces. Modest stuffs like simple designed table lamps, glass items with a clean finish, light weight cast iron fixtures floral patterns for window –screens or be it for the dividers. All these add to the class of the wonderful Scandinavian interior design.

Scandinavian Interior Design

Few things to note while opting for Scandinavian interior design are:

  • ++ Usages of candles especially in winters.
  • ++ The concept of light is used very thoughtfully as Scandinavia is a region which is covered in darkness for most of the time in a year hence a great importance is given in using sunlight as well as fresh air while refurbishing your home on the basis of Scandinavian interior design.
  • ++ Less usage of curtains and if used are of light or pale shades.
  • ++ Usage of wool designs as Scandinavians are known for their renowned designs for wool used in wearable or in non-wearable form.
  • ++ Images of nature are incorporated while one embarks upon Scandinavian interior design.

We hope you enjoy the article, if you have any further inquiries on Scandinavian Interior Design, feel free to contact us here and we will get back to you soon.

P.S: More information on Scandinavian Interior Design

About Minimalist Interior Design

Advices on Minimalist Interior Design

A minimalist interior design style is one that focuses on function rather than items purely placed for decoration. Minimalists believe that everything should have a purpose, and work within those guidelines to create some stunningly artistic rooms.

It is true that you do really need to be a certain kind of person to get on well with a minimalist scheme – messy people need not apply! But seriously … if you find it easy to stay neat and tidy, are very organized and hate clutter in any form, this is very likely a look that will work for you.

Here’s are some of the guidelines that will help you understand more about Minimalist Interior Design.

Less is better – Minimalist Interior Design

That goes for everything to a minimalist interior designers. They favor white walls, and the use of color only as an accent. Even with accent colors, they use neutral earth tones or a single bright red or blue. Walls and ceilings are not textured, and even the fabric of the furniture and curtains is smooth and plain. They will include one or two pieces of art, and no spaces that are used only for displaying items or collections.

Function equal Simplicity – Minimalist Interior Design

Minimalist designers strive for a feeling of openness and simplicity. This can be a particularly effective in small rooms where a lot of decorations can give the room a cluttered look. Minimalists keep rooms open and airy, even down to including furniture that sits low in order to let the openness of the room flow uninterrupted.

Walls and Color – Minimalist Interior Design

Minimalist Interior Design

Of course, white has got to be the ultimate color for any self-respecting minimalist scheme.

But, you can opt for a softer look, by choosing warm neutrals and colors from nature. Try stone, beige, taupe, brown and even green. Your base colors should be ‘pale and interesting’ – but go for a splash of a bolder color for accents.

Your accents can be as little or as much as you like. Try a vase, or cushions for quite a subtle introduction to color, or a whole wall or sofa, for a bigger statement!

Only choose one color, or color group, for your accent color. Bright red is a good choice, or any other bright color. As an alternative, just choose a darker natural tone – a deep green or brown will always work well.

We hope you enjoy the Minimalist Interior Design tips that we provided. If you need help for your dream home, do contact us and we will get back to you shortly.

Minimalist Interior Design

Interior Designing: Redefining Beautiful Lifestyle

Balinese Interior design Style

When it comes to creating a stunning visual and ambient environment in our work place or at our homes, the users and the inhabitants cannot compromise on acquiring the best and the most suitable enhancements. It’s here where the exuberant role of interior design and its versatile aspects and factors comes to play. According to contemporary interior design experts, the planning and designing of any interior, wherever it be, the elements of aestheticism, practicality, renovation and modernism has to be intermingled with purpose-serving and productivity-oriented improvements.  Thus, here comes the role of the interior designer and his creativity.

Interior designing has evolved as one of the prime domains in the arena of construction as well as beautification. As every region has its own culture as well as lifestyle, similarly the interior designing too varies from one region to the other. While concentrating on the Asian interior design, with reference to Singapore which has a Petri-dish of cultures inhabiting the place, it is really tough to follow anything like a ‘one-dimensional-design’.  The ‘Balinese Interior Design Style’ is one of the most popular designs which are found in most of the houses across the regions of Singapore. One would find numerous interior designers who cater to the same style but the onus lies on the individual or the customer to check and round upon that particular company or professional who would be able to provide you with the Balinese Interior Design Style going with the space you have.

Balinese Interior Design Style

Balinese Resort Style - Bedroom

Balinese Interior Design Style : A brief review

 The Balinese Interior Design Style or the commonly known topical style is liked my many. The design is totally based upon Asian traditional decorative styles incorporating natural-materials, contemporary shapes, as well as the minutest craftsman details.

Balinese Interior Design Style

Contemporary Balinese Style Bedroom

Distinctive features of Balinese Interior Design Style:

++ Color: The Balinese interiors always try to adhere to lighter shades as they try to use naturalist sources for decorating or furnishing a place. This can be very well evident from the lighter shades which is opted to by almost all the Balinese interior designers to remain in close proximity to the nature.

++ Wallpapers: Floral designs, wooden furnishing designs etc which makes the user feel closer to nature is the basic theme which is followed in Balinese Interior Design Style.

++ Furniture: Though the modern contemporary designs are incorporated, but still the roots to the natural Balinese Interior Design Style is maintained throughout.

++ Lighting:  Maximum use of natural light is used while one tries to design ones interiors on the basis of the Balinese Interior Design Style.

++ Flooring: The designers have always tried to keep the basic Balinese interior design the same and tries to experiment the same with some of the modern trendy styles without damaging or shedding off the natural look which is imparted by the Balinese Interior Design Style

Balinese Interior Design Style

Balinese Design Kitchen Style

Few basic aspects of Balinese Interior Design Style are:

++  Balinese Interior Design Style gives more importance to open spaces and avoids cluttering.

++  Interiors are always breezy with thespian views which forms the integral part of every Balinese Interior Design Style.

++  Usage of maximum natural light.

++  Balinese Interior Design Style uses materials (natural) and uses wood of various origins as well as shades. One of the ever favorite is the teak wood. The others being bamboo, Stones, papers, clay, etc.

++  Balinese Interior Design Style has the Balinese –palette as one of the most striking features.

There are much more to this, but the space constraint forbids me from elaborating more. To sum up, it would be right to state that, for giving your rooms that distinctive Balinese Interior Design Style, it is essential that you opt for interior designers who have thorough professionals and have a wide array of experience in designing the same for a long list of satisfied clientele.

You might wonder on why you should choose upon this Balinese Interior Design Style, when there are so many diverse varieties to be found around right? This is because Balinese Interior Design Style uses the outdoor spaces creatively and with the presence of professional hands the effect would be even better.