New 2 RM 1+1 Blk 535 Choa Chu Kang Flat

A very interesting job where the client who want us to help her reconfigure her house. The challenge part is where we were task to shift the entire bedroom area to living area and via versa where the owner can actually work and sleep in the living area. (She works in the home) One thing to note that she has a chest that need to be include in her new house. After long hours of brain storming, we design a space that’s able to work and sleep within the requirement area which she desired.

Choa Chu Kang Flat Layout
Choa Chu Kang Flat Layout w/ Design – Click to enlarge

In term of movement, we feel that this is one of the layout that suit for their requirement where the owner can check her mum while facing the door entrance – knowing visitors (Due to the clear glass divider) who wish to drop by at their place. Also with the help of the Divider along the bed, owner is able to block her little privacy whenever she invites her friends / clients for discussion.

Mood Image 1
Mood Image 1

For her entertainment room, we have included the chest as well as the wardrobe where her mum spend most of her time there. Also we have close up the toilet door to fully utilize room – (which we will be using for TV area) so that her mum can have a look out whenever anyone enter the room.

Mood Image 2

Mood Image 2

With a simple dining table that fit her mom and her in the kitchen area, she can concentrate working on her works while knowing that her mum will be nearby her – enjoying her time in the entertainment room. Knowing that she can have a peaceful and relaxing dining with her mum, without getting distracted by her works.

5-Room Flat HDB at Ghim Moh Area. (Designing a featured Study display shelving.)

This project was done together with my employer, which is the same time as the previous Ghim Moh Link Project. It is slightly different from the previous one as this is occupied by a working couple. We were tasked to renovate the whole house that’s including lying of tiles and laminate flooring within the living area and working pathway, hacking of two wall to create one huge living / dining / study area as one.

Ghim Moh Link Floor Plan
Floor Plan

Another area I need to point out is the requirement height for both laminate flooring and floor tiles as I notice that tiles required higher cement screed leveling compare to laminate flooring. The reason is that the laminate flooring has a few layers of covers which required low level cement screed. Not only that, we need to rewire the electrical points and constructing new isolator that caters for the extra air-con inverter.

View - Passageway / Study Area
View – Passageway / Study Area

What interested me is that we were given a task to create a huge library book shelve where they are able to keep their books, music scores, arch files, etc at one centre place.

Study Shelve without Sliding Doors
Study Shelve without Sliding Doors

To me, I always believe in having one focal point for a space where it’s story about the person who live in During the process, I stick by my rule of not trading the library shelve with anything – This include compromising shifting of walls and better position of air-con. Eventually it’s paid off, having as a designer stand do paid off, and it paid off greatly to my clients and me as well.

Study Shelve with Sliding Door
Study Shelve with Sliding Door

Research and design Series of Wardrobe Design. (Internal Shelves)

Configuration of 10 ft length wardrobe

We have done a lot of interesting research on configuration of internal shelves for wardrobe design. It has given us an in-depth knowledge on how the construction of internal shelving wardrobe configuration works. NiDesignStudio have created a series of 4ft length wardrobe to 10ft length wardrobe configuration that will be use as the initial design stage for our customers.

5-Room HDB Flat at Ghim Moh Area. (Designing a featured Study Area)

This project was done together with my employer, we were approach by a couple with a big family of 7 members (Couple, 4 x children and 1 sister staying together) to help them design and build the new 5 room HDB flat at Ghim Moh area.

Furniture Layout Plan

 During the design process, we were told that they would like to have more storage for their children. We decided to design a lot of storages for their house. This include a full length featured study table that consisted of 4 convertible study table, 2 Book Shelves with 6 sliding door panels at the main living area.

Detail Drawing – Featured Wall

During this project, we were tasked to renovate the whole house which includes rewiring of the area (Especially the living area where it will be the main focus point for children to study.), repairing of the house, hacking down of wall to create bigger stage for the children and lastly the featured study table. The most challenging part of the project is the construction of the designed full length featured study table.

Featured Wall Completed – Sliding Door Opened

During the construction period, we have to change and swap the wires for easy usages. (Construction of 4 x CAT6 wires, 4 x T5 Lightings, 1 x TV/SCV point, 1x Singtel Internet Connection Point) Not only that, the construction drawings is important for the carpenter to understand and construct correctly for the study table.

Featured Wall Completed – Sliding Door Closed

Proposal Concept for Leisure Farm Bungalow Compartment at Johor Bahru

After launching not long ago, we were approached by an old couple to wish to redesign their new bungalow at Leisure Farm which is at Johor Bahru. During the initial stage, we have a lot of discussion and site visits to understand how we can interact the house together with environment (Surround by nice green scenery) to further enhance the ‘luxury’ theme that they desire.

As the bungalow are well stationed on the surrounding. We start to focus on spaces that need to be appreciate where experiencing the beauty of individual piece that bring forward ones’ eyes and blending into the nature gradually. We personally feel that this is the luxury that the couple desired where they are out of connection from the high-tech area – City lifestyle (Hectic workload, race against time to complete a job, etc). We want to design a space where they will truly feel and appreciate the natural that Singapore is lacking of. Thanks to the environment and the well-placed bungalow, we are able to propose this concept to our clients.

Even though we didn’t get the job, it’s a learning experience that we can build on our portfolio. If you are keen to know more about the concept and space layout, we have attached the initial floor plans and a set of eight presentation slide (Compiled) for your review.