Black and White Interior Design – The visual dramatic space effect

Decorating your homes with a black and white interior design successfully creates an awesome dramatic feel to the beholder. The knack in incorporating this black and white interior design is all about the technique you use in blending these two powerful colors to give your home a sleek look of those New York flats or probably a casual contemporary look of an eclectic chalet. It’s upon you to change the look of your home for the better.

black and white interior design
black and white bedroom

You first need to decide on the way you want your home to look before you start with your designing black and white interior ideas. You need to settle on that right combination between these colors to give it the right look and feel which would be able to accentuate the energies and positive vibes surrounding your space. Many might feel that these are boring and sublime colors which could make the ambience dull, but in reality these combination of black and white interior design can give your room the ideal contemporary appearance which you have been carving for. Black in itself is not just bold, but also a daring color, whereas on the other hand white is lighter and airy in nature. In combination these black and white interior design gives your rooms loads of vitality and forms the ideal bonding agent to unify them together.

black and white wardrobe design
black and white wardrobe design

Even if you are decorating a small hut, or a modern flat, black and white interior in itself is a style statement. It has an aura of its own which cannot be actually explained.

Let’s enumerate few basic ways by which you can incorporate this black and white interior design in your homes:

black and white tv console design
black and white tv console
  • Getting the walls painted white if you have decided to get black furniture. White color would give your room the much required space and an airy feel and this combination would successfully create divergence which would prevent the rooms from looking overstuffed.
  • Getting the trims painted black can add more contrast to your rooms with those awesome white walls. These black trim walls would be able to bring that unifying force with the black accessories used like iron vases, etc.
  • It is essential that you choose fabrics which would go well with the style of your rooms. If you have opted for a contemporary black and white interior design then it would be ideal to go for circle or geometrical shapes for accentuating the modern looks.
  • While balancing black and white interior design you can very well used different patterns in different rooms but it is important that you do not allow one pattern to suppress the other. Using splashes of these combinations would enable you to keep the rooms from being overwhelming.
  • The other ideal way would be to add architectural aspects with the same combination colors to add more flair in your rooms. Black –wainscoting gives an elegant touch to your rooms whereas these black and white combination tiles make the space all the more airy. Furthermore these black cabinets give a contemporary look to kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Some use checked fabrics of this same combination to add some more life to the rooms. Stripes of this same combination is another option which one an go for while choosing these black and white interior design
  • Choosing bold colors giving a contrasting effect adds to the life in the rooms. You can also add colors like light green, lemon yellow shades, peacock blue, etc as ideal complementary colors which would make your room all the more lively. Using these varied colors on pillow covers, lamp shades. Rugs, curtains, etc can be the ideal choice to make your rooms come alive. These different colors would bring more life into your rooms.

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