5-Room Flat HDB at Ghim Moh Area. (Designing a featured Study display shelving.)

This project was done together with my employer, which is the same time as the previous Ghim Moh Link Project. It is slightly different from the previous one as this is occupied by a working couple. We were tasked to renovate the whole house that’s including lying of tiles and laminate flooring within the living area and working pathway, hacking of two wall to create one huge living / dining / study area as one.

Ghim Moh Link Floor Plan
Floor Plan

Another area I need to point out is the requirement height for both laminate flooring and floor tiles as I notice that tiles required higher cement screed leveling compare to laminate flooring. The reason is that the laminate flooring has a few layers of covers which required low level cement screed. Not only that, we need to rewire the electrical points and constructing new isolator that caters for the extra air-con inverter.

View - Passageway / Study Area
View – Passageway / Study Area

What interested me is that we were given a task to create a huge library book shelve where they are able to keep their books, music scores, arch files, etc at one centre place.

Study Shelve without Sliding Doors
Study Shelve without Sliding Doors

To me, I always believe in having one focal point for a space where it’s story about the person who live in During the process, I stick by my rule of not trading the library shelve with anything – This include compromising shifting of walls and better position of air-con. Eventually it’s paid off, having as a designer stand do paid off, and it paid off greatly to my clients and me as well.

Study Shelve with Sliding Door
Study Shelve with Sliding Door

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