Storage Space interiors – The smart way of living

With rising costs, inflated prices, increasing levels of unemployment and recession very few would be lucky to have home which are lavishly made having separate rooms for diverse activities. Here comes the need to utilize space optimally. Only smart homes have rooms which provide more than a single purpose. Such rooms are the ones which use space creatively and optimally. Not all homes are efficient to have such an optimized set up. In this edition we would deal with few optimized storage space interiors which would not just save space but also would bring in a chic style to your homes.

Modern Sofa Interior Storage
Modern Sofa Interior Storage

Finding creative ways for designing homes in the ideal manner can help you to remove some of those clutter which lies in a messy way at your homes. You can make use of many hidden spaces around your homes for storing all those extra clutter which is not required on a daily basis. This is the essential feature which has been dealt with in this article pertaining to storage space interiors. Nowadays you can get various kinds of furniture made. Customization has become the course of the day due to which there is a great demand of storage space interiors. Every interior designer faces this challenge today of maximizing space and minimizing the clutter and stuffs lying around in the rooms.

Storage Space Interiors
Storage Space Interiors

There are various kinds of storage space design which have come in the market catering to various needs of the individuals. There are different kinds of storage space style for different rooms. There are also storage space interiors nowadays made for your garages. Unbelievable but true folks!

Let’s start with some of the basic storage space interiors which can be accommodated in your homes or offices.

  • In offices, you need to arrange your desks, shelves and cabinets in such a manner that the empty space is more than filled space. This gives the individual space to breathe, giving him or her mire comfort to work. Congested cabins or cubicles can suffocate the person’s efficiency while working. Hence you need to opt for storage space ideas which would bring in better space in the corporate environment.
  • Living rooms are those which are used mostly by individuals hence need to be designed accordingly. Try to keep the entertainment center region organized and not scattered over taking larger spaces. Incorporate storage space interiors while you design your living room. Use space optimally. Use coffee tables or center tables which have cabinets or drawers where you can store things. Using small decorated basked can be ideal for storing your remotes of different electronic equipment’s.
  • Kitchen’s allows maximum storage facilities though getting them properly arranged is really tricky. Try to make cabinets at every small space where you can keep things. Opt for a dining table which has cabinets and drawers below to keep things. You can even add wire-organizers to the back side to the cabinet for creating extra storage space.
  • Bedroom is a place where you would never want things to be cluttered around here and there. But again it also looks very weird to fill the room with cabinets or shelves for storing things. The ideal way is to make your bottom side of your bed a storage region for keeping things. It’s the same with drawers or cabinets. Try to make shelves airy and do not stack things, but keeping few things is always welcome while you are trying to incorporate storage space ideas in your bedroom.
  • Having storage space is very essential in bathrooms. You need to use all experience to design your bathroom to use all the space within it optimally. Try keeping mirrored cabinets over your wash basin for storing small stuffs. Try to hang your towel or bath robe behind the door. Keep a small shelf beside your toilet pan for keeping toiletries, etc. Make a cupboard below the wash basin space where you can store things.

If you need any further helps on designing storage space for your house, feel free to contact us – with no obligation.

Modern country interior design – Know the elements

Modern Country interior design brings together country scheme along with the contemporary trend which results in creating a cozy homely feel with chic looks as well.

Modern Country Kitchen Design
Modern Country Kitchen Design

A Modern Country interior design is an all-time favorite for many individuals due to the contemporary and traditional looks which it blends within it to give a totally awesome eye striking appearance to the beholder. Though it has quite a comfortable feel, yet it is not that casual as it had been in the past days.

You might get to see few catchy country kind floral patterns with simple, yet elegant wood finishes adding the right kind of texture which is much required in these modern Country interior design looks. With the awesome classy feel that this modern Country interior design has, it complements well with any kind of room you use the same in! You can make those boring corners of your rooms livelier by adding bright colors and using some junk and rustic materials with some nature inspired accessories and your work is done folks!

Modern Country Living Area
Modern Country Living Area

Below are few important aspects which are essential while you incorporate modern Country interior design in your homes or offices.

  • Living or Drawing rooms: You can easily enhance the look of your drawing rooms by bringing in modern Country interior styles which makes the place all the more cozier and homely to love in. Choosing dark shades of wood like walnut, teak, would not just give it a classy look but also a soothing feel to the beholder. Do not forget to decorate the room with couches with matching colors. Adding some love seats, an entertainment center and a set of coffee table would be just the right combination for this décor. If you have opted for fresh modern Country interior design looks, then choose upholstery which has light shades of taupe or ecru.  Adding some kind of rustic colors in some throw pillow and blankets would also be an ideal choice while decorating your rooms based on modern Country interior design. Ensure that all the empty spaces are filled with some or the other kind of dry herbs plants or flowers. Remember while you decorate, never make the place you messy as this is your living space, so leave some space to breathe!
Modern Country Eating Area
Modern Country Eating Area
  • Kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your homes, hence needs to be designed and decorated ideally. The sole idea of designing a kitchen on the lines of modern Country interior design is to have a relaxed atmosphere with an elegant touch. It is advisable to opt for light wood or cabinets which are white washed to give it an airy look. Lighter shades of dinner table are the ideal choices in a modern Country interior design. Another good idea would be to decorate your vintage rack with some antique crystals. Display of blue and white porcelain sets also adds to the beauty.
  • The bedroom, where you retire to rest after the whole day’s work needs to be soothing, comforting and relaxing, hence use charming colors while you incorporate modern Country style here. Adding soft colors would give one a soothing feel. Give the bed a comforting feel by adding a set of wonderful designed pillows. Keep a warm blanket to give the bed a warm touch to it. Do not overdo while you design your bedroom base, as too much would make your room look suffocating giving the same vibes.
  • Finally the bathrooms needs to be charming enough designed in the contemporary style with all the modern amenities. Use fresh light hues while painting or use the light shades of tiles. Presence of colorful towels is an ideal combination in such bathrooms based upon modern Country interior design.

Chinese Oriental Interior Design – Get to know the details

If you are here looking for that ideal beautiful, and exotic look for your homes or offices, then you have come to the right place folks. If oriental styles interest you, then take a look at these awesome Chinese Oriental Interior Design ideas. Believe me folks, you would surely be tempted to experiment these dramatic and unique designs in your homes.

Chinese Interior Design

Chinese Interior Design

An oriental style of design originates from the Asian countries which generally include countries like Japan, China, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, and the countries lying in the eastern zone. The chief countries which have contributed the most in providing inspiration to these oriental designs are China and Japan. In this edition we would deal with these Chinese Oriental Interior Design ideas and the principles ad aspects which need to be considered while you incorporate the same within your interiors.

Chinese Oriental Interior Design

Chinese Living Area

An oriental style of interior designing brings almost all the kinds of Asian decorating concepts within it. Generally it has been seen that these oriental interior designs uses pale colors with dark accentuated fabrics to make the rooms cozier and to impart a luxurious feel to them. Hence if you are here to refurbish your home with these Chinese Oriental Interior Design ideas, then it can be easily done by implementing few basic design concepts.

While designing your home on Chinese Oriental Interior it is essential that you take care that these few things are taken into consideration. Chinese Oriental is quite vibrant look wise, filled with colors and varied patterns. This is the ideal choice for all those individuals who would want to bring in some color, life and liveliness into their lives. Though the looks generated are slightly unusual in nature, but are truly successful in generating a relaxing, soothing and a homely feel.

Oriental Interior Design

Chinese Interior Living Area

Let’s discuss in detail few basic aspects pertaining to Chinese Oriental Interior Design:

  • Floorings: Chinese Oriental ideas try to use simple and modest. The usage of carpets is highly minimized with extensive usage of wood and tiles.  Floors can be dark as well a slight in shades but preference is given to the darker shades as they blend easily with other furnishings.
  • Colors used in these Chinese Oriental Interior Design ideas has a wide array of choices like shades of yellow, red, blacks, etc. You need to first choose a color scheme, and stick to the same while you are refurbishing your homes or offices. Red is one of the primary colors for the Chinese, though they also use other rich colors like blues, yellows and greens. The presence of a gold-decoration is essential in any Chinese Oriental Interior Design.
  • The walls are generally plain but covered with complex patterned wall papers. Choosing wall papers with an oriental touch is essential to give that ideal Chinese Oriental Interior look, for example patterns of birds, bamboo, fish, etc. On the other hand of your home is too small in size then you can opt for pale or neutral backgrounds.
  • Furniture used in the Chinese Oriental Interior Design is decorative in nature with dark shades used predominately.  Most of them have exhaustive carvings. You need to decide the kind of furniture you need, heavy or simple as both goes well with Chinese Oriental Interior Design. Choose shades of glossy lacquer in colors like black or on red. The presence of awesome and striking paintings reflecting the awesome furniture is something which complements the Chinese Oriental Interior Design. Not all the furniture should be exuberantly made; instead some which forms the center of attraction should be made conspicuous by including other low-ley kind of furniture in the rooms.
  • The fabrics used in these Chinese Oriental Interior Design ideas are based on rich silky objects where the prime focus is given to the colors which are reflected from carpets, curtains, upholsteries, blankets, etc. Bold fabrics are chosen with bright shades of oriental colors. Incorporation of designs like lattice and sometimes dragons is quite common.
  • Accessories forms one of the significant aspects to bring that authentic Chinese Oriental Interior Design look. While you look for decorative items and stuffs in the market, try to get Chinese themes like monkeys, tigers, dragons, beautiful flowers, fishes, birds, etc. Getting some blue and white pottery items would complement well with the other Chinese Oriental ideas hence never forget to include them in your designing theme.

Victoria Interior Design – Royalty speaks

Many believe that Victoria interior design is not just challenging, but also quite pricey for one to afford while refurnishing one’s home or office. But in reality, this is not s as you can easily create a ‘Victorian’ look in your interiors by keeping to few basic principles, even if you have a constrained budget! Is it hard to believe? Take a few minutes to go through this edition and then ask yourself is it really tough or not!

victoria interior design
victoria design – living area

A Victoria interior design can be easily created by using loads of profligate fabrics, wall coverings and draperies, but this does not imply that you need to spend also loads. You can get this same feel by using things lying in your house uselessly. This hence is not just a constructive way of using resources, but also an ideal way for refurbishing your homes. In case you are not much aware of these Victoria interior design ideas, then it would be best to do some research on the same. Looking into some pictures that are available online can get to a fair amount of idea on the same. If you like any designs, then you can duplicate the same, or use the essence and create your designs. On the other hand, if you have decided to get it done by a professional, then you need to break your head looking for ideas pertaining to Victoria interior design.

victoria interior design - living hall
victoria interior design – living hall

Today you find Victoria interior design ideas have become quite prevalent among the interior designers. If you too have decided to refurnish your house using these Victoria interior design ideas, then go ahead as here you are sure to discover few interesting facts pertaining to the same. Victoria design has become quite popular in the European cities as well as in Asian lifestyle.

There are few basic things which needs to be incorporated while you are trying to create that Victoria interior design look like :

  • The use of dark rich shades is very essential and forms the fundamental element in creating a Victoria interior look. Though dark shades were used on walls, all the four were not painted with the same color.
  • The presence of a fireplace was almost mandatory like a kitchen in the room. These fireplaces where generally colored with light colors and were mostly polished. The brackets used in them had curved shapes with the predominant use of white marble.
  • Another important aspect which is very significant to bring in the Victoria interior design is to incorporate stained glass for windows panes. Though these are expensive when ordered, you can get your panes stained using glass colors as well!
  • The introduction of wall papers had been an important aspect and got heavily popularized during the Victorian age, though the same was present in Roman era as well. Every class of individuals sued it for decorating their walls.
  • The pattern used in the interiors are quite complex in nature covering the walls and ceilings. Comfy fabrics ad oriental rugs with a great love for lavish spending. For a contemporary eye, these interiors might seem messy or too much cluttered, but for an individual who loved the Victorian interiors, this is cozy and homely.
  • Magnificence is whatever is done is another prime aspect which is seen in these Victoria interior design ideas. The upper class used their wealth lavishly in decorating every nook and corner of their homes with rich fabrics, plush draperies, wonderful wall papers, etc.
  • Floorings were mostly made of hard wood and were kept highly polished which were covered with plush carpets during extreme winters.
  • Romanticism is another significant aspect captured in these Victoria interior design ideas. This is one of the major reasons where its popularity resides. Still today, a Victorian style arouses in one’s minds those imaginary European –fairy tales that lies as good fond memories in all our hearts. Those plush draperies which wait to be touched, those awesomely carved furnishings, striking trimmings along with those Victorian customs and rubrics of decorum makes one lost in a different world all together.
Victoria Interior Design - dining hall
Victoria Interior Design – Dining Hall

The interiors used in the Victorian age were truly unique in nature and getting your home redesigned in the same fashion would be like bringing in royalty to your home. So when is your home getting that royal tough folks? Just contact us if you need any help on your design.

Black and White Interior Design – The visual dramatic space effect

Decorating your homes with a black and white interior design successfully creates an awesome dramatic feel to the beholder. The knack in incorporating this black and white interior design is all about the technique you use in blending these two powerful colors to give your home a sleek look of those New York flats or probably a casual contemporary look of an eclectic chalet. It’s upon you to change the look of your home for the better.

black and white interior design
black and white bedroom

You first need to decide on the way you want your home to look before you start with your designing black and white interior ideas. You need to settle on that right combination between these colors to give it the right look and feel which would be able to accentuate the energies and positive vibes surrounding your space. Many might feel that these are boring and sublime colors which could make the ambience dull, but in reality these combination of black and white interior design can give your room the ideal contemporary appearance which you have been carving for. Black in itself is not just bold, but also a daring color, whereas on the other hand white is lighter and airy in nature. In combination these black and white interior design gives your rooms loads of vitality and forms the ideal bonding agent to unify them together.

black and white wardrobe design
black and white wardrobe design

Even if you are decorating a small hut, or a modern flat, black and white interior in itself is a style statement. It has an aura of its own which cannot be actually explained.

Let’s enumerate few basic ways by which you can incorporate this black and white interior design in your homes:

black and white tv console design
black and white tv console
  • Getting the walls painted white if you have decided to get black furniture. White color would give your room the much required space and an airy feel and this combination would successfully create divergence which would prevent the rooms from looking overstuffed.
  • Getting the trims painted black can add more contrast to your rooms with those awesome white walls. These black trim walls would be able to bring that unifying force with the black accessories used like iron vases, etc.
  • It is essential that you choose fabrics which would go well with the style of your rooms. If you have opted for a contemporary black and white interior design then it would be ideal to go for circle or geometrical shapes for accentuating the modern looks.
  • While balancing black and white interior design you can very well used different patterns in different rooms but it is important that you do not allow one pattern to suppress the other. Using splashes of these combinations would enable you to keep the rooms from being overwhelming.
  • The other ideal way would be to add architectural aspects with the same combination colors to add more flair in your rooms. Black –wainscoting gives an elegant touch to your rooms whereas these black and white combination tiles make the space all the more airy. Furthermore these black cabinets give a contemporary look to kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Some use checked fabrics of this same combination to add some more life to the rooms. Stripes of this same combination is another option which one an go for while choosing these black and white interior design
  • Choosing bold colors giving a contrasting effect adds to the life in the rooms. You can also add colors like light green, lemon yellow shades, peacock blue, etc as ideal complementary colors which would make your room all the more lively. Using these varied colors on pillow covers, lamp shades. Rugs, curtains, etc can be the ideal choice to make your rooms come alive. These different colors would bring more life into your rooms.

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